New Netflix Series Will Focus on Pokemon TCG and Other Collectibles

Over the last year or so, the Pokemon Trading Card Game has seen a massive resurgence in interest, and graded versions of top cards have been selling for incredible amounts. It should come as little surprise then that the Pokemon TCG will be one of many collectibles highlighted in a brand-new series coming to Netflix! According to reporting from PokeBeach, the unscripted series is being created by Brent Montgomery, best known as the producer of Pawn Stars. The show will center on Goldin Auctions, as well as its owner, Ken Goldin. A pilot for the series has been filmed, but filming for the series itself has yet to begin.

PokeBeach is also reporting that Goldin is asking fans that might want to participate in the series "to send in photos of valuable or meaningful Pokemon TCG items they would want to auction off. Readers are asked to submit to <> with the subject 'PB Collection Photos.'"

It's hard to say how much the new series will focus on Pokemon, or if the series will put a bigger emphasis on other collectibles! That could depend entirely on reception to Goldin's call for participants. It's worth noting that The Pokemon Company apparently has no involvement in the series, which makes sense. After all, the company has had to make a significant effort this year to meet increased demand for cards, and has never truly embraced the secondary market.

The Pokemon TCG first released in North America in early 1999. That year saw the localization of the game's Base Set, which is the one that tends to see the most demand. Several high value cards released in that set, most notably Charizard. Values for those cards tend to fluctuate based on a number of factors, including condition, if it's a 1st Edition, and whether the card is considered "shadowless." Cards that receive high grades from companies like Goldin can go for huge money. We don't know how much the Pokemon TCG will factor into this new Netflix series, but it could lead to even greater demand than there was before!

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