New Apple Watch 4 Photo Leaked

Early Thursday, it was revealed that Apple is holding a press event to debut a new set of iPhone [...]


Early Thursday, it was revealed that Apple is holding a press event to debut a new set of iPhone models, although this leak has already confirmed that we're getting the Apple XS. Now another leak has appeared, suggesting that an improved Apple Watch model is also on the way.

Per this report from 9 To 5 Mac (which also reported that Apple XS story earlier), the new Apple Watch Series 4 definitely looks to be a huge upgrade over the previous model, with a new edge-to-edge display that really takes advantage of the design. You can see the picture from 9 To 5 Mac's page below:

Apple 2
(Photo: 9to5 Mac)

Based on the images the website found, the display has indeed increased by around 15 percent for the forthcoming line of Apple Watches, making it easier to see what it has to offer.

But the Watch face itself also seems to have gone through some improvements. Along with a wider display area to show you icons, text and more, it has about eight different complications surrounding the time and clock hands. More than likely, Apple will also introduce a number of downloadable clock faces to utilize this format, giving its users a level of customization with it.

What's most interesting, however, is the notable hole that appears between the side button and the Digital Crown (which, by the way, have also been improved based on the pictures). According to the site, this could very well be a built-in microphone, although that has yet to be confirmed. It also noted that the Apple Watch 4 will have better compatibility with current watch bands, in case users are looking for additional comfort.

It's hard to say what pricing for this model may be around, though it'll no doubt be higher than what the Apple Watch 3 line currently offers. We'll have finalized details in just a couple of weeks, as Apple's press conference is set to take place on September 12.

This looks like it'll be the most accessible Apple Watch to date; but on the flip side of that, this also looks to be the most expensive. We'll let you know all the info as soon as it's available!

(H/T to 9 To 5 Mac for the info!)