New Batman Game Teaser Released

WB Games Montreal shared more teasers for what’s thought to be a new Batman game on Thursday, [...]

WB Games Montreal shared more teasers for what's thought to be a new Batman game on Thursday, teasers that show what appears to be an unfinished symbol. These teasers was shared by the studio's social media pages and shows some sort of crest. That symbol could be anything, but a more direct text associated with the image that says "Capture the Knight" points the teaser more towards something related to Batman.

The first of the teasers which was shared on Facebook on Thursday can be seen below. It shows the bottom of some sort of symbol curving upwards towards the right until it shows a wing at the top. Judging from this outline, it appears as though it's supposed to be some sort of a badge.

Once you see the other half of the teaser and view the two next to each other, the full image starts to come together. A second image was shared on the company's Instagram account and showed what wasn't seen in the first teaser.

We see more of the crest with a bird's head at the top complete with another wing opposite the first. Crossed blades and other symbols inside the crest like stars and scales can also be seen, though it still doesn't' look like the full image has been revealed just yet.

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Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight

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Finally, a third teaser was shared on Twitter to complete the symbol, but the parts have still only been shown separately by the official accounts. The Batman Arkham Videos Twitter account pieced together the three images though to show what they look like when they're all combined.

From a quick glance at the symbol, it looks as though it might be some sort of law enforcement badge. Since this is almost certainly directly related to Batman, one might assume that it's a Gotham City Police Department emblem. It still looks as though there's more to be seen of this badge though, so it's hard to say for sure what it is until more is revealed.

Those who have been following along with the Batman teasers may recall that WB Games Montreal shared another teaser similar to these months ago. Back in September, the studio shared a brief video on Twitter that showed several symbols appearing back-to-back. The same tweet also said "Capture the Knight," but the symbol above that was shared on social media today wasn't found in the video.