New ‘Batman’ Project Once Again Teased By WB Montreal

While Rocksteady Games is “for sure” not working on any DC Comics-related title (despite our [...]

While Rocksteady Games is "for sure" not working on any DC Comics-related title (despite our desires to see a Superman game from them), that's not to say WB Montreal isn't working on anything. In fact, it's teased yet again that it has something Batman-related up its sleeves.

Batman Arkham

Earlier this month, we reported that the studio was teasing that it was hard at work on a new Batman game, possibly something relating to the Court of Owls storyline. And now a new social post has gone up this month, hinting that big things are coming for the Batman: Arkham Origins developer next year.

Geoff Ellenor, who serves as game director for WB Montreal, sent out a "holiday wish" to fans earlier this month, featuring a number of development members doing a quick little dance. However, upon a closer look at the card, you'll notice something rather interesting here- a whiteboard with the word "redacted" on it.

This ties in with the company's previous posts about its "redacted" project, though the image in the link above clearly points out a Court of Owls logo.

Considering that WB Games hasn't revealed its big lineup of 2019 plans just yet (aside from Mortal Kombat 11 coming out in April), it leaves us wondering just when WB Montreal will make its announcement.

Our guess? E3 2019, though there is a slight chance we could see something sooner, perhaps around DICE 2019 or maybe even the Game Developers Conference.

Nevertheless, Ellenor's tease has several fans excited for what the announcement could be. And a new Batman game seems to be on their minds, just as much as it's on ours.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, though. Considering that Arkham Origins has been a sleeper hit with gamers since its release a few years ago though, a follow-up from WB Montreal would definitely be appreciated.

We'll keep you informed as soon as official details are revealed. In the meantime, be sure to check out Arkham Origins for PC and Xbox One, since it's now backward compatible. It's on PlayStation 3 and Wii U as well if you feel like going old-school.