New Batman Game Leaked

A brand new Batman game has leaked online. Batman is one of the most iconic and popular superheroes out there, which has in turn made him a prime subject for video games. While the character has moved mountains for the superhero genre in film, he has also been responsible for a key turning point in video game adaptations. The Batman Arkham series was essential in helping superhero games feel more premium and not just cheap, yearly releases that often tied in with a new film. The Spider-Man games began to suffer over time as a result of this, but Batman managed to break this mold and create something that stood above all of the other games it was releasing against. Despite the conclusion of that series in 2015, Batman has still been around thanks to ensemble games like LEGO, MultiVersus, and Injustice, but it's been a minute since he had a proper solo game.

A new one may be on the horizon courtesy of Camouflaj. As spotted by Jank Roettgers (via UploadVR), an FTC court document notes that Camouflaj is working on a new Batman VR game for Meta. The developer is known for its work on Iron Man VR, a game previously exclusive to PlayStation VR that has now made its way to Oculus after the studio was acquired by Meta. The document notes that the team is working on a Batman game for Meta's Quest headset, but doesn't offer any other details. Rocksteady made a VR Arkham spin-off a few years ago, but it seems more likely that Camouflaj will do its own thing. 

Only time will tell what this game looks like, but Meta is trying to curate a healthy amount of exciting first-party titles for its headsets. Rockstar Games has even made a deal to bring Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to Meta headsets in the near future. It's likely deals like this will continue to happen given Meta's deep pockets, but who knows if it will pay off.

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