New Civilization VI Mod Puts President Trump's 'Hot Topic' Policies In-Game

President Trump's recent policies regarding budget cuts that will impact the Scientific community, [...]

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President Trump's recent policies regarding budget cuts that will impact the Scientific community, one modder decided to make some of these policies known in the form of a Civilization VI mod that puts those exact policies into the game. Titled Realistic Donald Trump, the creator informs any that might seek to comment on the modification that it is not "a purely hate on Trump mod."

As far as the official disclaimer, as is common on any sort of 'controversial' topic':

"This is not a purely hate on Trump mod. This mod gives Trump bonuses and penalties like any real life world leader should have. If you cannot fathom the idea that our president isn't winning at everything than this is not a mod for you. There are other mods already available for your Trump stomp fantasies. If you feel a modifier is unjust and have actual facts to back up your belief let me know and if there is some merit to your claim I will open a discussion as I have already done. Also all diplomacy dialogs are actual quotes from Donald Trump. "

Nothing is fabricated as far as character quotes, everything is something has has been documented by the president himself. For more about the mod in question:

Leader Trait Nation Divided

  • Your cities produce -2 Amenity
  • Your palace produces -15% Science, + 20% Gold.
  • Government legacy bonuses modifiers.
    Oligarchy, Theocracy, Fascism & Merchant Republic take 25% less time to earn.
    Autocracy, Classic Republic & Monarchy take 50% longer to earn.
    Communism & Democracy are earned at the normal rate. (Thanks partly to executive orders, and due to trends established by previous administration)

Civilization Trait Military so big, powerful & strong

  • +1 Extra Military Slot in any government. (Thanks to a $700 billion increase to defense policy)
  • +1 Movement when your units starts their turn in friendly territory.
  • +15% production towards Space projects (Due to new Space Policy Directive and 1% increase to NASA funding

Unique Buildings Campaign Rally


*Now a replacement for monument*
+2 Culture, +1 Gold, +1 Amenity, -1 Science, -1 Great Scientist per a turn
(A campaign rally is a safe place for President Donald Trump to visit when he needs to escape from people who can think for themselves)

For-profit University
+1 Gold, -1 Science compared to normal university.
(The Betsy Devos affect)

Budget Cut Research Lab
-1 Science compared to normal research lab.
(The budget cuts are still being reviewed. Once they have been finalized this will be adjusted or hopefully removed.

Unique District Deregulated Industrial Zone
No maintenance, +1 Gold for each Specialist, lowers the appeal of nearby tiles bigly.

AI Favorites Wonders and technologies.
I believe I have added a few wonders and technologies as favorites for Trump when being played by an AI. It is hard to tell if Trump is really making it a point to build these wonders since sometimes other civilizations will build them first.

Agendas Counter Reformer
Likes civilizations who follow the same Religion, and wants his cities to all follow the same Religion. Hates anyone trying to spread their Religion into his empire.

Hidden Agendas Nuke Happy
Has no hesitation to use nuclear weapons. Respects other civilizations that project strength with nuclear weapons

Reworked Game Mechanics Happiness & Rebellions
I added a new highest rank of unhappiness and moved all the normal negative modifiers up one tier to the new highest rank. I am creating a discussion with more details. The short of it is Trump now has about a 1% chance of rebellions right from start of game while other civilizations are mostly unaffected by the change.

For those interested in learning more, or downloading the mod itself, the official Steam Workshop listing can be found here.