Rumor: New Darksiders Will Be Revealed At E3

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(Photo: THQ Nordic)

According to a new rumor, THQ Nordic will reveal a new Darksiders alongside a new Destroy All Humans next month at E3 2019. As you may know, we already know that the rapidly growing publisher will have, at least, two game announcements at this year's big industry event. One of these games will be a "new vision" for a beloved franchise, which suggests a remake of sorts. Meanwhile, the other is a "long-awaited return of a galatically beloved game/franchise." Now, the latter sounds awfully lot like Destroy All Humans. But even if it isn't, it certainly isn't Darksiders due to the phrasing of "long-awaited return." A new Darksiders released just last year, so this can't be referring to Darksiders. How about the other announcement though?

Darksiders III just released last November, meaning it's highly unlikely we'll be getting a new mainline entry in the series already. However, according to the new rumor, the new Darksiders title is called "Darksiders: Genesis," which does suggest it could be a spin-off, and thus possibly fit the "new vision" pitch.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt. While it's possible we will see a new Darksiders title announced next month at E3, THQ Nordic's ambiguous tease could be referring to a lot of things. After all, it owns a metric ton of IP.

That said, if you need a fix to your Darksiders appetite right now, then be sure to peep Darksiders III, but not before you read our review of it.


"Gunfire still has a ways to go to catch up with Vigil’s fine-tuned legacy," reads a snippet from the review. "But they've taken a strong step in the right direction, and with a few (much-needed) fixes, Fury should have no trouble holding her own with the big boys this holiday season. As it stands, Darksiders III is worth a look -- and that’s not something you can usually say about an end-of-the-world game coming out at the same time as "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer."

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