New Destiny 2 Emote Jokingly Mocks Solo Players

Destiny 2's Forsaken officially kicks off Year 2 for the futuristic MMO. With more weapons, a [...]

Destiny 2's Forsaken officially kicks off Year 2 for the futuristic MMO. With more weapons, a heart-breaking narrative, and new missions for players to take on - there's a lot of reasons to don those Guardian boots once more and get into the fight. Though the expansion doesn't arrive until the beginning of the next month, that doesn't mean we don't get to still enjoy what's on the way. In this particular instance, we saw a new emote that (jokingly) pokes fun at those who play solo.

Bungie has reiterated time and time again that yes, the game can be played solo but it's better with friends. Because of that, when Bungie decided to show off some of the more light-hearted items that comes with the Forsaken DLC, it was one particular emote that caught our eye. You can almost hear the song "All by myself" playing in the background (Which I so helpfully added in the video at the top of the article).

The team did offer help though for those looking at squading up, "If you don't have a Clan, someone is always recruiting. You're missing out on another roster of willing teammates, a whole shared loot stream, as well as all these new features."

There are even new clan perks for those that are looking to join one instead of going lone wolf. Below are some of the new clan perks that will arrive with Season 4, though some of them will take more than a little work:

  • Rank 3: Increased resilience when you're in a fireteam with clanmates.
  • Rank 5: Grants a chance to receive additional Etheric and Baryon resources when collecting them in the Reef.
  • Rank 6: The weekly clan milestone also grants a Masterwork Core.

You can read more about what's on the way with the latest Bungie blog right here! We'll see for ourselves the newest additions soon enough when Forsaken launches on September 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players.

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