New Details On Forthcoming Duke Nukem And Borderlands Movies Emerge

We haven’t seen much from the team at Gearbox since the release of Bulletstorm: Full Clip [...]


We haven't seen much from the team at Gearbox since the release of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition earlier this year, but the team is hard at work on a few new things. Along with having a new Brothers In Arms game in development, the team is taking a couple of its franchises in a new direction – towards Hollywood.

While speaking with Geoff Keighley on YouTube @E3, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford explained that both Borderlands and Duke Nukem are headed for the big-screen treatment. Borderlands is currently in development over at Lionsgate, while Duke…well, he won't be getting his own movie, but he'll make an appearance in an upcoming one that fans will love.

We've been developing scripts and the strategy that we're on right now is that it's obviously all in the Borderlands universe but rather than retell the stories that were in the game, we'll create new stories so the films will have their own film canon. We'll use all the characters and scenarios, it's similar to what Marvel is doing," he explained. "You can't read any particular film plot in a comic-book but there's a lot of the characters, themes, and in fact, some of the situations are represented."

As far as Duke Nukem goes, there is a movie being considered, but he "can't announce it," to say the least. "We're working on that! I can't announce it but it's blown my mind, there's been a lot of production companies that have come at us. We're putting together a deal right now with a major motion picture studio, I'll tell you off the record if you want to know. It's the exact right people that should be doing a Duke Nukem film and we'll see what happens. It's unbelievable, I think that's very likely to be a thing," he said.

Meanwhile, you will see Duke in another movie – Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One, coming next year. "Some people know this, Duke Nukem is going to be making a cameo in Steven Spielberg's upcoming Ready Player One film," he said. "It's not a big role but he's gonna show up, he's gonna be Duke, man!"

We wish Gearbox the best of luck on whatever it works on next…and hopefully that'll be Borderlands 3 somewhere down the road.