New PS5 Console Images Leak

New images of the shell casing for the PlayStation 5 have leaked online. The images can be seen in the Tweet below, alongside an official image of the console, which has been included by @Wario64 for comparison. These are definitely unique images, and they provide the kind of angle not often shown officially by companies like Sony. While there isn't a lot to be gained from the pictures, they do offer a better sense of the scale of the console, in comparison with the official images released thus far. The PS5 definitely looks like it's going to be a large system!

With a few months to go before the PS5's winter 2020 release window, this just might be the best look fans will get at the console's frame; it definitely looks bulkier than previous images have suggested! It seems like PlayStation fans will have to make some room on their shelves before launch date. It also seems that the shell might be easy to remove, as well. Whether this means that buyers will be able to easily customize the console's appearance remains to be seen, but modders should take note!

Of course, physical appearance is one of the least important aspects of a console. At the end of the day, the software line-up is more important than anything else, and PS5 already has a number of interesting games on the way. Titles like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Godfall, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart already have fans eagerly awaiting its release. At this time, Sony has not officially revealed what the PS5's launch line-up will be, though Miles Morales, Godfall, and Hyper Scape have all been confirmed, as of this writing.

With fall quickly approaching, Sony will continue pulling back the curtain on the PS5, particularly since there's a lot that has yet to be revealed! Most notably, the PS5's firm release date and price remain mysteries. Until Sony decides to reveal more, fans will just have to make do with occasional leaks such as this one!


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