New Pokemon Snap Brings Back a Classic Pokemon Character

New Pokemon Snap brings back a surprise character from the original game, and now he's all grown up. In the original Pokemon Snap, players played as Todd Snap, a budding photographer who assisted Professor Oak in cataloging various Pokemon behavior. While New Pokemon Snap players take on the role of a different (and unnamed) protagonist, Todd Snap surprisingly makes a return in New Pokemon Snap, now as a grown-up, world-famous photographer. Todd returns as a mentor to both the player character and his rival Phil and gives players various photography tips throughout the game. Todd also provides a number of Research Requests that can be completed to unlock various decorative stickers for your photos.

This continues an ongoing trend in recent Pokemon games to bring back player characters from earlier games as adult NPCs. Most recently, Pokemon Sun and Moon brought back Red and Blue as elite trainers, giving players their first look at the protagonist of the original Pokemon games all grown up. Given that the original Pokemon Snap came out over 20 years ago, it makes sense that New Pokemon Snap would not only acknowledge the original game, but show how much time has passed in a pretty clever way.

New Pokemon Snap is set in the Lental Region, a brand new Pokemon region comprised by a series of islands. Players will investigate the Illumina phenomenon, which causes Pokemon to glow, and unlock the various mysteries of the region. With over 200 different Pokemon to discover and over two dozen routes to explore, players should spend hours digging into the region and finding every hidden Pokemon and path. Our review of New Pokemon Snap described the game as "an impressive re-debut for the Pokemon Snap franchise and should hopefully give Nintendo and The Pokemon Company motivation to make additional Pokemon Snap games."


New Pokemon Snap is available on the Nintendo Switch now. You can find's full coverage of the game here.