New Pokemon Snap Adds One More Mythical Pokemon

New Pokemon Snap's free DLC adds another new Mythical Pokemon to the game. New Pokemon Snap's free [...]

New Pokemon Snap's free DLC adds another new Mythical Pokemon to the game. New Pokemon Snap's free DLC is out now, adding 3 new courses and 20 new Pokemon to the game. Of the 3 new courses, only one has a new Legendary or Mythical Pokemon. Players can locate the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora in the Barren Badlands at night. Zeraora will appear in the Barren Badlands at night once players reach Level 2 on the route. Zeraora is sleeping at first, but can easily be woken up. After Zeraora wakes up, players will see Zeraora run across the Barren Badlands until settling on a cliffside near the end of the stage.

Zeraora's 4-Star opportunity involves instigating a fight between it and Tyranitar. If players can wake up the sleeping Tyranitar in the area without it seeing them (which can be done by hitting Tyranitar with a Fluffruit from a distance), Zeraora will jump down to fight Tyranitar. Zeraora's 3-Star Photo involves capturing it in mid-jump, while the 4-Star photo opportunity is a picture of it fighting Tyranitar.

Zeraora's appearance does fix what initially seemed to be an oversight in New Pokemon Snap. During the initial release of the game, Voluca Island was the only island in the Lental region to not have a Mythical Pokemon appear in one of its routes. It seems that New Pokemon Snap was simply holding one last surprise for players as part of its new DLC.

This is Zeraora's second high-profile appearance in a Pokemon game in recent weeks. In addition to being a featured Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap, Zeraora is also a free Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, a new MOBA-style game released by Tencent in recent months.

Sadly, Zeraora is the only Legendary or Mythical Pokemon to appear in the new update. The Gen 2 Legendary Pokemon Raikou and Entei do not appear in the new updates, meaning that they've seemingly been left out of New Pokemon Snap barring another DLC update.

New Pokemon Snap is available on the Nintendo Switch now. A free DLC can also be downloaded for the game.