New PS5 and Next Xbox Spec Details Reportedly Revealed

Though Sony and Microsoft did confirm that the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox systems were currently [...]

Though Sony and Microsoft did confirm that the PlayStation 5 and next Xbox systems were currently in the works, we haven't heard anything more concrete about the next generation since then. We've had leaks, rumors, and patent reveals, but nothing firmly from the companies themselves about what's to come. Luckily, analysts and devs just can't stop talking about it and revealing the small tid-bits of info gathered around.

Cradle Games' technical director Marc-André Jutras recently sat down with the team over at GamingBolt to discuss what's next. "I don't think we will see 16GB of RAM, most games don't use that much RAM anyway," he told the site. "I think the next generation will be between 8 and 12, probably. What you will see however is probably a good amount of cores. I wouldn't be surprised if the next gen was Ryzen 2600 or something like that. Because it is really stable, cheap, and has a good amount of cores."

He also took a moment to talk about what he thinks will change with the new system, saying "One thing that is going to change will be, you will get a lot more focus on the VRAM, which is the big bottleneck right now if you want good 4K games, because 4K frame buffer takes a lot of space."

Jutras added, "So if you end up with a 4K buffer, you need four times the VRAM. So I think you will see, you won't see shared RAM space next gen like you do with the PS4. I don't think you will see that because it's a big bottleneck. You'll see more VRAM to support 4K and 5K and whatever else comes around. Just how much of that? I wouldn't be surprised if the PS5 had 8GB of RAM and 8GB of VRAM."

It will definitely be interesting to see what's next for the new generation. One thing is for sure, we're going to be getting a lot of rumors before the big reveal so keep your eyes peeled and your mind critical when looking at all of the varied reports floating around.

In other PS5 news, did you know that it might not be even called the PlayStation 5? According to Sony's Kenichiro Yoshida in an interview with the Financial Times, it looks like the PlayStation camp may be looking to pull an Xbox with a unique name choice.

Yoshida-san told the publication, "At this point, what I can say is it's necessary to have a next-generation hardware." He declined to comment on whether or not the rumored 'PlayStation 5' title would stick or if they were going to go the Xbox route and name it something out of left-field.

There was a leak earlier this year that the next PlayStation would be called Erebus, though Sony was quick to shut that down. Still - with Xbox continuing to stay their own course when it comes to generational naming and Sony having suddenly done quite a few 180s in recent weeks regarding their own business model, it is interesting to think about if that would affect something even as basic as their naming process.

Though codenames for consoles is absolutely nothing new, they are fun to figure out. It's like a minigame to piece together all of the puzzle pieces before the new generation comes into the spotlight.

From previous leaks we've also learned that Sony is considering backwards compatibility for its next console, as well as some incredible fan-made concept art. You can learn even more about what the next wave of platforms will potentially offer with our Community Hub right here.

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