New Tron Game Announced at Disney and Marvel Games Showcase

A brand-new Tron game has been announced at the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase. Tron is one of the seminal films from Disney and naturally, given its subject matter, it made for a perfect video game adaptation. The Tron IP went dormant for years until a reboot/legacy sequel released in 2010, becoming a cult-classic that has had hardcore fans demanding a proper sequel ever since. While there are rumblings that a third Tron movie may come eventually, some fear Disney has forgotten the franchise amidst the popularity of Star Wars and Marvel. However, it seems like that's not exactly the case.

At the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Disney announced a new Tron game from Bithell Games called Tron: Identity. The new game is a visual novel set within the Tron universe in an all-new grid. Since it's a visual novel, decisions are key and will drastically change the events of the story, opening the game up to multiple endings. It also sounds like this won't be the only Tron game coming, as director Mike Bithell noted that this was the "first collab" between his studio and Disney on Tron. He also changed his Twitter bio to mention he is directing "Tron things", implying that he is working on one game.

"So, yeah, we just announced a team up with Disney to bring TRON back to video games," said Bithell on Twitter. "Lots more to come and talk about, but today we exhale. Our first collab, Tron: Identity, is wishlistable on Steam now! I'm so proud of my team, and grateful to be here."

Whether the other Tron games would be visual novels or not remains to be seen, but it seems like fans can count on more Tron. Perhaps if this gets enough traction, Disney will see potential in a film or Disney+ series. Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is also hot off of Top Gun: Maverick, which could give him some power to pitch a third film to Disney.

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