New World Update 1.5.6 Patch Notes Revealed

New World is about to get its 1.5.6 patch and Amazon has released the patch notes. New World is one of the most popular MMOs out there. It was a massive endeavor for Amazon as the tech giant hadn't had a ton of experience with AAA games, especially big MMOs, prior to the game's release. Some of the other titles Amazon had released, such as Crucible, had disastrous launches. Although Crucible was largely serviceable, it never found a wide enough audience and the issues it did experience held it back tremendously. After launching, Amazon opted to return it to beta before inevitably canceling it entirely. 

It was a bad sign for future Amazon games at the time, but thankfully, New World became a hit. The game had almost 1,000,000 concurrent players at its all-time peak on Steam and has managed to retain tens of thousands of players over time. New World's 1.5.6 patch will release tonight (July 12th) at 11PM PT and the developer has released a small list of what will be included in the patch. All in all, it doesn't look like it will feature anything too substantial, but will fix some annoying issues and problems players have been experiencing in recent months. You can view the list below.

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to endlessly spam abilities.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain crests to not appear in the player's list of available crests when they were entitled to them.
  • Prevented quest resets from repeating lore or map unlock rewards.
  • Partial fix for invisible Void Destroyers in Invasion and Tempest Heart expedition.
  • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't get achievement progress for total Trade Skill ranks.
  • Fix for various invisible quest giver NPCs.

New World continues to be a major success for Amazon and it's good to see it getting supported on a regular basis. Although this may not be some major update like some fans would want, it shows the developer is maintaining the game and trying to keep it as fun as possible.

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