Next League Of Legends Champion Update Will Steer Clear Of The Jungle

(Photo: Riot Games)

Several days ago, a post appeared on the League of Legends boards that was discussing how Nunu, one of the most introductory and frustrating junglers in the game, could use some love when it comes to the rework department. Players got all swept up in the excitement of the Urgot rework announcement and began tossing out suggestions as to who should get reworked next with other junglers such as Amumu, Nocturne, and Fiddlesticks brought up as well.

Amid all of the suggestions — plenty of them backed up with valid arguments as to why those champions needed to be reworked — Riot Games employee and lead champion designer Reav3 recently popped in to say that while some of the champions that were suggested did need to be looked at, it might be a bit before Nunu and other junglers are up for a full Visual and Gameplay Rework.

"Keep in mind that we try to avoid doing 2 champions in the same position back to back and Eve and Nunu are both junglers," Reav3 said earlier today about reworking champs.

Evelynn has already been scheduled on the official update schedule to receive her VGU, and though Aatrox comes after her, his is just a Gameplay Update, not a Visual Update as well.

Reav3 had his own list of champions that he thought could use a bit of tweaking to bring them up to the speed of other champs that he discussed recently, listing off champions such as Nunu, Swain, Akali, Volibear, Dr. Mundo, and Tryndamere as a few examples. When asked in the thread about Nunu why they wouldn't be doing jungle reworks back-to-back, Reav3 said it had to do with spreading out the reworks among the roles.


"It's more about trying to serve as many players as possible," Reav3 stated. "This is the same reason we generally don't do 2 new champions in the same position back to back either. This year has been all about junglers. Warwick, Kayn, Evelynn, Zac, Sejuani. Many people play one role primarily and then one off role. We want to spread the VGU love around."

That knocks Nunu off of our list of who might be up for the next VGU after Evelynn, but we've still got a few more suggestions here.