Rumor: Next Xbox Already Being Designed, Has A Codename

Before the upcoming Xbox One X can even be released, there's a rumor that the next Xbox is already [...]

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Before the upcoming Xbox One X can even be released, there's a rumor that the next Xbox is already in the works and even has a name attached to it, according to Windows insider Jez Corden.

Of course, Windows Central's Corden didn't offer too many details on what the next Xbox project and what the console would be like, but he did talk back and forth within the replies to answer a couple of general questions about the next console.

The initial tweet came by itself, not as a reply to a previous conversation, so some readers within the replies speculated as to whether or not this was some sort of leak about the console. Corden said that it wasn't meant to be a leak, just a sharing of information that many players would likely have already anticipated. Console ideas and projects are constantly in the works from any company, and while some users asked if the idea of a new console was just being tossed around as opposed to being actually worked on, Corden refuted the idea and said that it was definitely being designed and already had a codename for the project.

As far as timeframes and what the console would be called, nothing was provided, though Corden did say that two years seemed a bit too soon in his opinion for the new console to be released.

Whatever the next console is planned to be, it doesn't necessarily mean that it'll be an entirely new line product in the console lineup like the Xbox One X is. Given past examples each Xbox having multiple versions, such as the Xbox One S, this upcoming project could very well be a "refresh" of the Xbox One X, as Corden also mentioned. That option seems more likely given the recent reveal of the Xbox One X, but it'll likely be some time before any solid details are provided.

The Xbox One X is scheduled for a worldwide release on Nov. 7.