NHL 22 Debut Frostbite Trailer Reveals Release Date and Cover Athlete

Joining its FIFA and Madden counterparts over at EA Sports, the long-running NHL video game [...]

Joining its FIFA and Madden counterparts over at EA Sports, the long-running NHL video game franchise will be utilizing the Frostbite engine for its latest installment, NHL 22. On Thursday, EA Sports revealed the first look at the Frostbite-generated NHL 22, using the trailer to also announce the game's release date and cover athlete. You can watch the trailer in its entirety below.

Toronto Maple Leafs star Austin Matthews will be on the cover of NHL 22, which may come as a surprise to some fans, considering he was on the cover of NHL 20 just a couple of years ago. But Matthews' abilities on the ice have set him apart, and he'll once again be front-and-center for the new game.

NHL 22 is going to be released on October 15th, around the same time that other games in the series have been made available in their respective years. The new edition will be launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox One X|S at the same time.

"I'm thrilled to be working with EA Sports again and returning to the ice in NHL 22," Matthews said in a statement. "This year, Superstar X-Factors bring a whole new level of elite competition and strategy to the game, and you'll be able to unleash my 'Shock and Awe' ability for exciting shots at the net.

In addition to utilizing the Frostbite engine, which will make the game look and feel better than ever (especially when combined with next-gen technology), NHL 22 will be debuting the Superstar X-Factors feature, a game-changing system that helps make each of the sport's biggest stars feel unique on the ice.

"Developing NHL 22 with the Frostbite engine is letting us truly bring the series into the next generation," said Clement Kwong, Producer at EA Vancouver. "The visual upgrade is impressive on its own, but the Frostbite engine is also giving us the power to create a lot of realism that you'll really notice once you play."

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NHL 22 is set to arrive on October 15th.