Ninja and PewDiePie Are Teaming Up to Play Fortnite

Twitch and YouTube are the biggest platforms around for video and streaming content, and on [...]

Twitch and YouTube are the biggest platforms around for video and streaming content, and on Friday, the two most well-known content creators from each site are teaming up to play Fortnite. Ninja and PewDiePie from Twitch and YouTube, respectively, are joining one another in a Friday Fortnite session to kick off the weekend, according to an announcement from fellow YouTuber Keemstar. Considering how big the two content creators are on their respective platforms, you can expect some records to be broken when the two join forces.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Friday Fortnite wasn't around anymore since this is only the second week that it's been live since it returned. Brought back from the drama that is the ongoing legal dispute between Twitch streamer Tfue and his former esports organization FaZe Clan, the first week of Friday Fortnite's return already made a big splash and the second is looking to one-up it already.

Keemstar tweeted about the upcoming Fortnite event while touting the huge stats that the two creators boast. Both parties have followers and subscribers that are well into the millions, so if their audiences converge on Friday to tune in and see their content creators, there's going to be a lot of people there watching.

The YouTuber would later say that he's already secured "another big name" for this week's Friday Fortnite session, but who that is hasn't been revealed yet.

Ninja is obviously no stranger to success when it comes to Fortnite streams, especially when other celebrities and well-known individuals are involved. The streamer's time playing with Drake and his appearances alongside Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show have been just a few of the milestones in his career that elevated him outside of just in-game fame.

PewDiePie is also known for his numerous milestones on YouTube and is still regarded as the top content creator on the platform despite the occasional setback when he was overlapped by rival channel T-Series. He's currently sitting at 96,384,050 subscribers on YouTube, according to his channel's page. Depending on how successful this Friday Fortnite stream is, he made find himself moving even closer towards the 100 million mark.

Look for Keemstar's next Friday Fortnite event that'll feature Ninja and PewDiePie to take place on June 7th.