Nintendo Reveals Their Best Selling First-Party Switch Games

During a recent financial call with Nintendo, the company revealed which games are leading the [...]


During a recent financial call with Nintendo, the company revealed which games are leading the pack for their incredibly successful hybrid console: the Nintendo Switch. Unsurprisingly, Super Mario Odyssey is at the top - but how did their other titles do?

Super Mario Odyssey racked in a total of 9 million units sold worldwide, while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe brought in 7.3 million. Link's open-world adventures in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild brought in an impressive 6.7 million units sold worldwide, with Splatoon 2 coming in hot at 4.9 million. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 didn't do as well as expected, its 1.06 million coming short of ARMS' 1.6 million.

It's fantastic to see Nintendo doing so well! They were at the top of the gaming game when they first introduced their original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and continued that winning streak until the Wii-U, whose design couldn't have the impact they wanted due to a limited library and hardly any third party support. Nintendo saw this as an opportunity to get better, and better they did with more third party games than ever before! We can even take DOOM and Wolfenstein II with us on the go, and Skyrim! Surprising adventures to take with you for the Switch's portable design - these numbers don't surprise and they sure support the amazing hardware sales Nintendo is experiencing, as well!

The financial earnings statement revealed that the company's overall revenue is up a whopping 176% year-on-year, with profit itself up 494%! The Big N is back and 2018 is only going to bring even better things on the horizon, including the Dark Souls remaster that's on its way. Just ... don't throw your handheld. We can see that happening.

More about the game in the top spot, Super Mario Odyssey:

  • Explore astonishing new locales like skyscraper-packed New Donk City to your heart's content, and run into familiar friends and foes as you try to save Princess Peach from Bowser's dastardly wedding plans.
  • Find something interesting? Toss your cap at it and see what happens! There are lots of fun and surprising ways to interact with your surroundings.
  • Be sure to bring any coins you find to a Crazy Cap store, where you can exchange them for decorative souvenirs for the Odyssey and new outfits for Mario! Some destinations have very exclusive dress codes, after all…
  • Hand a Joy-Con controller to a friend to enjoy simultaneous multiplayer: Player 1 controls Mario while Player 2 controls Mario's new ally Cappy.