Nintendo Cartridges Headed For America Contain Dozens Of Live Contraband Spiders

Apparently, used games comes with all sorts of goodies these days. We recently heard about the [...]

(Photo: Nintendo/Orkin)

Apparently, used games comes with all sorts of goodies these days. We recently heard about the copy of Grand Theft Auto V that came with a bonus bag of meth, and now Mexican police report having found dozens of live spiders packed inside a collection of seemingly-normal Japanese NES cartridges. Yes, spiders. Sorry if you read this story over breakfast.

According to Mexico City newspaper La Crónica de Hoy, police intercepted some, uh, unique contraband at the Guadalajara airport. It wasn't drugs, weapons, or money, it was dozens of tiny baby spiders held in small vials and packed into fake Famicom cartridges with labels for real (yet terrible) games like Jurassic Park and Robocop 2. Apparently, the creepy crawlies were headed to Hanover, Maryland, so if you're retro game collector from that area, maybe give any games you're interested in a good shake before you buy.

Did I mention this story comes with video proof? It does! Check out the video below to see what a Nintendo cartridge full of contraband spiders looks like:

The news story doesn't state what kind of spiders these were or why they were being smuggled, but, presumably, they were tarantulas being imported for the illegal pet trade. Lawmakers have been cracking down on tarantulas in recent years, with several jurisdictions making them harder to buy, or outright banning them. When buying exotic pets, it's important to make sure they're locally bred, otherwise you might be getting an animal that was cruelly smuggled in an old copy of Mighty Bomb Jack.

Keep it tuned to WWG for all the latest "weird thing found with an old video game" news! What will somebody find next? A human ear? Nuclear arming codes? I'm on the edge of my seat!

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