Report: Nintendo Could Be Working On A Game Boy Classic Edition

If we’ve learned anything by Nintendo’s recent examples, it’s that fans love their retro [...]

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If we've learned anything by Nintendo's recent examples, it's that fans love their retro gaming. Both the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition have been selling like hotcakes, and will continue to do so as stock comes back in. And it's got people talking that we'll be seeing an N64 Classic Edition soon enough.

But some reports indicate that Nintendo could be working on something else entirely – a reiteration of its classic green-screened Game Boy handheld.

A Japanese Twitter account by the name of @trademark_bot, which specializes in tracking Japanese trademark applications, has noted a rather interesting one for Nintendo. While there's not actually any text suggesting that the Game Boy Classic is in the works, there is an image included – and it very much looks like the old-school Game Boy, right down to the system build.

The image is included below, and it will look awfully familiar to anyone that grew up playing Tetris or Super Mario Land in the late 80's. Even if that meant squinting at a screen or buying one of those ridiculous add-on attachments.

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Seeing the Game Boy come back wouldn't be that big a surprise, really. The system sold incredibly well back in the late 80's and early 90's, powered by a number of hit games, including the aforementioned titles above, as well as Link's Awakening and a slew of others. So a repackaged unit with all the games built in – and, hopefully, a back-lit screen – would make sense.

Nintendo hasn't confirmed anything just yet, but with a trademark in place, there's a very good chance that we could see the Game Boy Classic Edition hit shelves sometime next year, possibly ahead of the rumored N64 Classic Edition.

As far as what it could be priced, there's a good chance it'll go for around $80, depending on how many games are included with it. Nintendo could easily stock it with 30 titles from the system's past, along with a few titles from third-party companies.

We'll keep you informed on how the progress of the Game Boy Classic comes along. But, yeah, hopefully we won't need to buy any magnifiers or light-up accessories for it.