Nintendo Rumor Leaks Remaster of Popular GameCube Game

According to a new Nintendo rumor, a popular Nintendo GameCube game from 2003 is getting a remaster. Unfortunately, it's not the best GameCube exclusive from 2003, Mario Kart Double Dash, but it's close. The rumor comes the way of Nintendo YouTuber, Nintendo Prime, who claims a remaster of F-Zero GX is currently in development for Switch at Next Level Games, the Canadian studio most recently responsible for 2022's Mario Strikers: Battle League and 2019's Luigi's Mansion 3. And this is all the rumor states. There's no word of when this remaster will be revealed or released. 

For those unfamiliar with this classic, F-Zero GX was developed by Amusement Vision and publsihed by Nintendo back in 2003. A Nintendo GameCube exclusive, and the successor to F-Zero X, it's widely considered one of the best GameCube games and according to Wikipedia, one of the greatest games ever made. Back in 2003 when it was released, it garnered an 89 on Metacritic, making it one of the highest-rated games of 2003, a year that saw that saw many great releases. 

"Power down the straight. Lean into the hairpin bend, twitching the steering at the perfect moment to edge past two rivals. Manoeuvre onto the boost pad, just avoiding the smouldering shell of an unluckier racer's craft. Power up and scream up, around, and back down the 360° loop. Check the speedometer. 2000 km/h. It can only be F-Zero," reads an official blurb about the game straight from 2003 and Nintendo itself. "F-Zero GX brings Nintendo's much-loved F-Zero series – born on Super Nintendo, matured on Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance – roaring into the next generation. Devotees of earlier versions will be right at home with F-Zero GX's familiar controls and strategies; magnet-o-racing newcomers will be tearing around the rollercoaster tracks like experts in no time; and everyone will be on their knees in awe at the speed and splendour of this Nintendo GameCube racing wonder."

Like every rumor, take this one with a grain of salt. This wouldn't be the first rumor to claim F-Zero is making a comeback, which has yet to happen. As for the source, they are considered reliable by some, but don't have the same proven track record as other Nintendo leakers and insiders, so keep this in mind as well. At the moment of publishing, Nintendo have not addressed this rumor in any capacity.