Nintendo Gets Nostalgic With Kirby 25th Anniversary Trailer

Nintendo has a lot on its plate right now, including the forthcoming Metroid: Samus Returns and [...]

Nintendo has a lot on its plate right now, including the forthcoming Metroid: Samus Returns and Super Mario Odyssey, along with the rest of its slate for the 3DS and Nintendo Switch. But it hasn't forgotten about good ol' Kirby, who is celebrating his 25th anniversary this year.

Although we won't be seeing the pink puffball again until his new Nintendo Switch game arrives next year, Nintendo decided to celebrate his legacy anyway with a new 25th anniversary trailer, which you can see above. In the trailer, several games are chronicled, starting with his early days on the NES with Kirby's Adventure, and leading up to some of his more current releases, including Planet Robobot on the Nintendo 3DS.

Now keep in mind that the trailer is from Nintendo of Europe, so some of the games are going under different names. For instance, something called Kirby: Canvas Curse here is called Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush over there. But you get the gist, and the majority of the pink puffball's releases are included, but not his cameos in other games like Super Smash Bros.

To be honest, though, this is a nice stroll down memory lane, showing you just how much Kirby has grown up over the past few years, especially when it comes to adapting to new abilities and tricks, such as running around in a giant mech in Planet Robobot. There are also some innovative titles in the mix here, like Kirby: Mass Attack, which actually puts you in control of several Kirbys at one time. Always a win.

And to boot, the trailer concludes with a closer look at the forthcoming, untilted Kirby game that will debut on Nintendo Switch next year. Though a bit on the brief side, the game looks to be a fun throwback to his 2D platforming days, with plenty of new abilities to go along with the classic ones. It certainly lines up a good year for the forever-eating hero next year.

Here's to you, Kirby – and 25 more years of great games to come. Speaking of which, uh, can we get a Dream Course sequel now…?