Nintendo Details Response to Massive Leaks

Actual, genuine leaks out of Nintendo might be fairly rare, but no company seems immune, and Nintendo very publicly had what many refer to as the Nintendo "gigaleak" revealing a number of potential plans and prototypes from the past back in 2020. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa recently responded to a question about how it plans to prevent information leaks going forward during the company's 82nd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

The Nintendo shareholders meeting was held last week, but Nintendo only put up the English translation of the Q&A segment today, July 4th. The question about leaks specifically begins with some commentary on working with China before transitioning to noting that hacks have reportedly been traced back to that country before asking about risk-management initiatives at Nintendo.

"We are taking a variety of initiatives to address information security threats and vulnerabilities," said Furukawa during the Q&A portion, per the official English translation. "For the services we provide, initiatives include cooperating with outside specialists and conducting diagnostics to check for security issues. In addition, as part of our internal system for information security, we introduced the information security management system in 2017 and have set up our Information Security Committee. Policies for information management have been established, and we have adopted both physical and technical countermeasures. In addition, we work to raise awareness of information security among our employees through training and other means."

Broadly speaking, Nintendo is notoriously litigious when it comes to official material being released outside of its control. Whether it be through DMCA notices or lawsuits, Nintendo is not afraid to dive into the legal system when necessary. While Furukawa's answer largely seems to focus on internal initiatives, it seems fair to assume that suing for damages over usage that Nintendo deems illegal will continue to be a pillar of the company's response to official material surfacing online.

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