Nintendo’s Miitomo Coming To a Close This Spring

A couple of years ago, Nintendo took a crack at the mobile gaming market with the social app [...]


A couple of years ago, Nintendo took a crack at the mobile gaming market with the social app Miitomo, giving users a chance to create their own custom Mii characters to accessorize and chat with others. It's become quite a hit, but, like all good things, the party will be coming to a close.

Nintendo has confirmed on its official Japanese website (translated via Google) that the app will shut down on May 9th. In addition, the company will turn off the ability to purchase Miitomo coins within the game by tomorrow – so don't bother stocking up.

That said, the company is offering freebie Miitomo coins and game tickets for those that continue to log into the game between now and May 9, so you can still purchase goods right up until the very end. "We are sorry for the customers who enjoyed it, but we appreciate your kind understanding," the company noted on its site.

It also noted that they will issue a refund through the application for purchased coins by the conclusion of the app, and you can see just how many you have through the in-game menu.

The app had managed to accumulate ten million downloads since its release a couple of years ago, but engagement numbers have dropped of quite a bit since that time, with only a quarter of its users accessing the app more than once. With that, Nintendo probably decided that its servers would be better used with more active mobile games, like its Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Heroes games, and perhaps even Super Mario Run.

So if you're a member of the Miitomo party, you still have a little time to jump in and have some fun with your friends, but you may want to make the most of your sessions, as well as your coins and game tickets. And don't forget you can connect with friends on the Nintendo Switch as well through Miitomo, so it's not necessarily a goodbye for the pals you made.

You can check out Miitomo on mobile devices now, and see what its social entertainment is all about.