Nintendo Looking Into Partnering With Other Companies For Future Games

Super Smash

Even though Nintendo makes most of their games through internal development team, it has found a few benefits when it comes to working with other companies on its franchises.

For instance, it paired up with Sega's AM2 years ago for the awesome F-Zero GX for GameCube; and most recently, it's found Bandai Namco to be an ideal partner on forthcoming hits like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Metroid Prime 4. Ubisoft is in tha mix as well, bringing the iconic StarFox to its interactive game Starlink: Battle For Atlas on the Nintendo Switch.

While speaking with Waypoint, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime talked about the benefits of partnering up with external developers, and how we're likely to see such collaborations in the future.

"Nintendo has a rich history of partnering with other companies whether it's work we've done with Activision back with Skylanders and the access we gave them to some of our intellectual property. You've had Link show up in various fighting games in the past. I mean just look at Smash Bros. and the help that Mr. Sakurai is getting in the creation of that game.

"And so we have a legacy of working with partners. In the end though these relationships are based on a number of factors. One is a strong understanding of us as a company and the ways that we like to do business. Second is a strong understanding of the intellectual property that we might be talking about how that might be used. And then third, a mentality of, you know, how does one plus one become something big. We want to do things that are big. And I'm not going to, I'm not going to break news per se, but we're always having those types of conversations."


While the company hasn't confirmed any future partners outside of what it announced at E3 (namely with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and StarLink), we're sure to see a few surprises down the road for Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Now about that F-Zero sequel we've been waiting for…?

StarLink: Battle For Atlas and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release later this year.