Nintendo Switch Buyer Returns Dev-Mode Console Instead of Selling for Big Money

A Nintendo Switch owner received a unique developer's mode version of the console after a store [...]


A Nintendo Switch owner received a unique developer's mode version of the console after a store purchase, but instead of selling the console to would-be hackers for big money, they decided to swap it out for a more functional version.

The buyer of the Switch posted results of their purchase to Reddit with a title and comments that portrayed their disappointment with the version they received. Comments from and the name of the original poster have since been removed from the Reddit thread, but from the comments that were posted previously, it appears that an exchange through Best Buy for a working version was already in the works.

From the picture shown below that's still able to be seen on Reddit, you can clearly see that the Nintendo Switch version the buyer received certainly looks different than a normal purchase.

Nintendo Switch Dev Mode
(Photo: Reddit)

Through the now-deleted comments that were present within the thread, it seems that the main motivation behind returning the console was simply to receive a working version to the buyer could player their Switch games. With how hard it's been to find Switches in the past, it's not hard to believe that someone would want to swap it out as quickly as possible while supplies last.

However, as other commenters pointed out, the buyer had more than one option when dealing with the dev mode Switch. Some console-hacking enthusiasts within the comments offered to buy the special Switch version from the owner themselves, and tons of other users advised the buyer not to return the console by any means. The console likely could've been sold to those who would use it to dig deeper into the Switch's inner workings and possibly even create homebrew content or pirated games.

Nintendo probably also would've been pretty relieved to have the console back in their hands as well. With it now being returned to Best Buy, it has most likely been returned even further to where it belongs, but gaming companies have a history of rewarding players who are honest with their accidental finds.

Regardless, there's one more gamer out there who know happily owns the elusive Nintendo Switch.

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