Nintendo Switch Getting One of Last Gen's Best Games This July

One of 2011's best games is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. More specifically, [...]

One of 2011's best games is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. More specifically, developer Studio Zero and publisher Atlus have revealed that the enhanced version of cult classic Catherine -- dubbed Catherine: Full Body -- is coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 7, priced at $60 (pre-orders are live on Amazon now). At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any additional platforms, but the enhanced version of the 2011 game is available on PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

In addition to announcing a release date, the aforementioned pair revealed a new trailer for the unique action-adventure meets puzzle game. In addition to introducing players to the game's premise and characters, it also shows off a bit of its gameplay.

"Our indecisive protagonist, Vincent, has been with his long-time girlfriend, Katherine, for five years," reads an official blurb about the game. "But instead of taking the next step into marriage, Vincent finds himself in an affair with the provocative blonde bombshell, Catherine! Thrown into discord by his own infidelity, he finds solace in the innocent Rin – further complicating matters. Adding to Vincent's dilemma, he begins having nightmares that force him to climb for his life… Will he survive the trials and tribulations of love, or fall to temptations?"

At the moment of publishing, it's currently a bit unclear if and how the Nintendo Switch port will take advantage of the console's unique features.

Catherine: Full Body is available on PS4 and PlayStation Vita, and will soon be available on Nintendo Switch. Below, you can read more about the game, courtesy of an official rundown of its key features:

  • This mature action-adventure puzzler will thrill players with a story that delves into relationships and the difficult choices we make.
  • Choices that will determine your fate in multiple story branches and 13 available endings.
  • Overcome challenging and addictive puzzles to survive the nightmare.
  • Play on the go: whether it's Versus or Co-op mode, it's never a baaaa-d time to play with your friends.
  • Original Catherine: Full Body add-on content now included in game (Catherine 'Ideal Voice' Set, Playable Character Set, Persona 5 Joker Character & Commentary Set, Bonus Content: Horn-Rimmed Glasses).

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