Nintendo Hosting Its Own Halloween Sale For Nintendo Switch Games

Companies have their own special Halloween sales going on, with Sony scaring up some good bargains [...]

halloween sale

Companies have their own special Halloween sales going on, with Sony scaring up some good bargains for PlayStation owners, and Xbox hosting its own Shocktober event. So it's not a complete shock that Nintendo is getting involved as well, hosting its own Halloween-based sale that's taking place through October 31st.

During that time, you'll be able to score a number of discounts on various Nintendo Switch games, including popular titles like Axiom Verge, Shovel Knight, Graceful Explosion Machine and Cave Story+. While there aren't any AAA titles involved, this is a key opportunity to get your hands on some great indie stuff, saving a few bucks in the process.

Here are the titles that you can get for cheap between now and Halloween:

  • Axiom Verge- $17.99 (down from $19.99)
  • Butcher- $7.99 (down from $9.99)
  • Thimbleweed Park- $16.00 (down from $19.99)
  • Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition -- $7.99 (down from $9.99)
  • Phantom Trigger- $7.49 (down from $14.99)
  • Cave Story+- $26.99 (down from $29.99)
  • Snake Pass- $9.99 (down from $19.99)
  • Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment- $7.99 (down from $9.99)
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove- $19.99 (down from $24.99)
  • Tumblestone- $11.99 (down from $14.99)
  • Astro Bears Party- $3.99 (down from $4.99)
  • Vaccine- $6.99 (down from $9.99)
  • Graceful Explosion Machine- $10.29 (down from $12.99)

Again, you've got all week to clean up on these deals for Nintendo Switch, and there are quite a few good titles here. Graceful Explosion Machine is actually a lot of fun for those of you that like side-scrolling shooting titles; Axiom Verge is a wonderful surprise that will remind you of the classic days of the Metroid franchise (but with some fresh new twists); Snake Pass is a challenging platformer that will put you through your paces; Phantom Trigger is a great top-down adventure game where you put your combat skills to the test; and you can never go wrong with Shovel Knight, especially with Specter of Torment, which is easily one of the best add-ons you'll find in a video game these days.

So stock up on that Nintendo Switch credit and clean house on these deals. They won't last long!