How to Get 12 Free Nintendo Switch Games Starting Today

The holiday season is upon us, and Nintendo Switch owners can get some free gifts this month from publisher No Gravity Games. Starting today, any Switch user that owns any of the company's games will be able to claim a new free game every day for the next 12 days. Pirates: All Aboard! is currently discounted on the eShop for $1.99, but it can also be obtained for free by signing up for the company's newsletter right here. Players that get that game today can immediately claim December 5th's free game, which is Exorder. So far, only the next two games have been revealed: Graviter (December 6th) and Creepy Tale (December 7th).

A trailer for the promotion can be found embedded below.

There is one slight catch to this program: users must claim each day's free game to qualify for the next one. What this means is that Switch users that grab Exorder today won't be able to get Creepy Tale on December 7th if they forget Graviter on December 6th. However, No Gravity Games has stated that these games will be "greatly discounted" the following day, and users can purchase the missed game to become eligible again. The promotion is only available to users in North America, as well.

All in all, this seems like a pretty cool promotion! Fans will have to judge for themselves if the games are worth it, but this could be a fun way to discover a Nintendo Switch game that flew under the radar; perhaps fans will even discover something they wouldn't have played otherwise! Given the sheer number of games that are sold on the Switch eShop, it's very easy for good games to get lost in the mix.

Nintendo Switch users can stay updated on each day's free release by checking out the official Twitter and Facebook accounts for No Gravity Games. Each new title will be revealed at 9 a.m. CET.

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