Wife Surprises Her Husband With A Nintendo Switch In The Best Way Imaginable

Nintendo Switch

If this holiday season has proven anything, it’s that people can still be taken by surprise, whether it’s with a marriage proposal, a trip to somewhere exotic, or something even as simple as giving away a game system, even when you least expect it.

That’s exactly what happened with a lucky Reddit user by the name of mookey1200. He couldn’t afford a Nintendo Switch when it first came out earlier this year, and actually worked in construction all summer in the hopes of getting his hands on one, but to no avail.

So leave it to his wife to award him with a nice Christmas surprise, and not normally in the way you’d expect.

Here's what happened. She first started by giving him a lunch box, featuring the classic Super Mario Bros. design. That’s a neat little reward in itself, considering that it’s pretty tough to come by.

Nintendo Switch 2

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When he opened up the box, he found plenty of goodies inside, including a Super Mario thermos, a bag of Haribo Twin Snakes (yum!), roulette candy snacks (also from Haribo) and a bag of Hi-Chews. So, yeah, not exactly an ideal lunch, but just the thing to get you through a work day, nevertheless.

But that was just the beginning. The wife pointed out for her husband to look inside the thermos. He popped it open and inside, he found a few things wadded up. He took them out and inside he found – a Joy-Con alongside the Thermos notes.

Nintendo Switch 3

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It’s at this point that the wife awarded her hubby with the rest of his beloved Switch console, still in the box. Oddly enough, she also picked up the Aladdin display box where she found the lunchbox, along with a few other Super Mario lunchboxes, so he has a number of different ones he can take to work.

Mookey1200 also included a picture of the Switch system hooked up to an older television, running a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and it looks great!

You can see the full photo story here.


Just another heartwarming story to get you ready for a big gaming year to come in 2018. We love happy endings.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.