Nintendo Teases When It Will Reveal More First-Party Switch Games

Despite selling consoles at a spectacular level throughout all of 2020, Nintendo's most recent fiscal year has been pretty slim when it comes to new first-party titles for the Switch. While Animal Crossing: New Horizons ended up being a smash-hit for the publisher, it didn't release until the end of the company's previous fiscal year. As such some are now wondering why Nintendo's lineup has been so barren in recent months, prompting the video game creator to try to ease any concerns.

In a recent earnings call where Nintendo announced its performance from the last quarter, a question was raised about what the publisher has lined up in the future. Specifically, this inquiry was in regards to future releases that the Japanese game developer might have and their ensuing announcements. Nintendo's President Shuntaro Furukawa answer the question and said that the company will begin to reveal more when it feels the time is right. "Our software lineup for next fiscal year is a topic we will discuss at the appropriate time," Furukawa said. "As always, we are preparing a variety of software titles for consumers in the coming fiscal year."

Despite having one first-party title in the near future, Furukawa also pointed to many of the other products that Nintendo is set to release in the future. This slate begins with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, which releases later this month, and then leads into Monster Hunter Rise and New Pokemon Snap in March and April respectively.

Even though Nintendo may not have released many first-party games in recent months, though, Furukawa has said that it hasn't impacted the publisher's sales expectations. "With regard to our sales forecast for the fourth quarter, we are in a different situation than we were with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons last year, but nevertheless, sales have maintained strong momentum," he said. "If this situation continues, we see the possibility of sales exceeding our fourth quarter plans, so we will keep up our efforts to sell hardware."

Whenever Nintendo does start to reveal more of what it has in store for 2021, those announcements will likely occur via a Nintendo Direct presentation. While no such video has appeared here in the early portion of the year, a leak within the past week has confirmed that one is indeed coming in the future.


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