Nintendo Sale Makes Over 50 Switch Games All Just $0.49 Each

A new Nintendo eShop sale has made over 50 Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED games all just $0.49 a piece. As you may know, there's not much you can buy for just $0.49. $0.49 doesn't even get you a candy bar anymore, let alone a video game, but it does get you the latter if it's made by QubicGames. According to QubicGames, the 50-plus games even includes the publisher's newest games. There are some steps to trigger the offer though.

First, you need to buy one of nine selected games, all priced at $0.49 or $1.99 each. Once you do this, you trigger the rest of the offer, which includes dozens of games all for $0.49 each. As for the nine select games, they are as follows: Robonauts, Pocket Mini Golf, Pocket Mini Golf 2, Pocket Pool, Mana Spark, Run Sauage Run, Sausage Wars, Om Non: Run, and Puzzle Book. Once you complete this first step, you get access to these games here at the aforementioned price point. 

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because QubicGames runs this type of offer every year, or at least something similar to it. Each year it's to celebrate the company's anniversary. This year, specifically, it's to celebrate the company's 19-year anniversary. Are any of these games worth $0.49? Well, the answer to that will vary from person to person. A quick look at the games featured and some look a little reminiscent of shovelware, but you can't be picky if they cost you half a Kit-Kat.

It's unclear how long this deal is available, but we know it's a limited-time offer and unlikely to be available again until the company celebrates its 20-year anniversary next year. That said, when it returns, it's quite possible the collection of games will be entirely different. 

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