Nintendo Switch Online Reveals New Lineup of N64 Games

Nintendo has revealed that it's preparing to add nine new games from the Nintendo 64 to its Nintendo Switch Online service. Over the course of the past year, Switch Online has continued to grow in a major way with the arrival of its Expansion Pack tier which contains titles from N64. And while we don't yet know when all of these newly-announced games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online just yet, the Japanese published has outlined a slate of titles that will join the service to end 2022 and lead into 2023. 

Unveiled as part of Nintendo's new Direct today, it was disclosed that a number of new N64 games will be landing on Switch Online relatively soon. These releases will begin at an undisclosed date in 2022 when Pilot Wings 64, Mario Party, and Mario Party 2 all join the subscription platform. Looking further down the road, Mario Party 3, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2, 1080 Snowboarding, and Excitebike 64 were all confirmed to come to Nintendo Switch Online in 2023. Again, we don't have specific release dates for any of these games just yet, but we'll likely know more in the coming weeks and months. 

Far and away the biggest game that has now been confirmed for Nintendo Switch Online is that of GoldenEye 007. First released back in 1997, Nintendo is finally bringing back the legendary first-person shooter for fans to play on Nintendo Switch. GoldenEye 007 was said to be launching on Switch Online in 2023 and will also contain online multiplayer. In short, this is a really big deal for GoldenEye 007 to be coming back in this manner as the game has been gridlocked to Nintendo 64 for over 20 years. 

Again, it's worth stressing that all of these Nintendo 64 games in mention will only be accessible via the Expansion Pack tier of Nintendo Switch Online. So if you're a big fan of anything here that has been listed, you'll want to ensure that you're subscribed to that membership in the future. 

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