No Man's Sky Creator Makes First Game Free for Everyone

Before creating No Man's Sky, Sean Murray and Hello Games released Joe Danger on PlayStation 3 back in 2010. The game has released on a number of platforms in the years since, and now Joe Danger is playable through browsers for free! According to Murray, the game is playable on Mac/PC/Chrome/Linux, and players can expect improved visuals, mouse and keyboard support, and more. While Joe Danger is drastically different from No Man's Sky, fans of the latter game might be interested in playing the former to see how Murray and Hello Games got their start!

A trailer for Joe Danger can be found in the Tweet embedded below. Readers can try the game for themselves right here.

Joe Danger's release should come as great news for fans! Over the last few years, the game has had a rocky history in terms of availability. An iOS version released in 2013, but eventually became unplayable. After receiving an email from the parent of an autistic child that loved the game, the developer went to work on a remastered version. The game became available on iOS again last January, but the experience made Murray think about the way so many video games become unplayable after a period of time. Joe Danger's free release is intended as one way of trying to ensure that the game can continue to live on.

Video game preservation has increasingly become a concern for the industry. As a whole, the industry has always been bad at preserving things like concept art, and even full games. As we see the release of more wholly digital titles, more and more games are in danger of becoming lost media. It's on developers and publishers to keep their games available to the public, and it's nice to see someone like Murray taking active steps to keep his game available. This way, fans that have come to love Joe Danger can continue to enjoy it, and newcomers can discover it for the first time!

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