Nintendo Reveals Two Octopath Traveler Heroes in New Video

Today, Nintendo revealed two new protagonists for Octopath Traveler. A mysterious hunter named [...]

Today, Nintendo revealed two new protagonists for Octopath Traveler. A mysterious hunter named H'aanit on a quest to find her master, and a thief named Therion, who is put on this octopath by a client who tasks him with retrieving a mysterious gemstone. You can see them both in the new trailer above!

Of course, both of these new protags come with their own unique path actions. The huntress H'aanit's path action is "provoke," which will enable her to intimidate characters with her animal companions, luring them into a fight. Therion, as a thief, boasts the "Steal" path action. Stealing items from certain NPCs will not only save you some coin, it might also open up new ways to solve certain quests. Both of these path actions are pretty malicious, but some characters have more noble abilities. In fact, Nintendo took a moment in this new trailer to describe the difference between "Noble & Rogue Path Actions."

There are always two ways to get something done. Say a certain NPC has an item you want, for example. You have the option to either purchase that items off of them legitimately (noble), or steal it from them (rogue). Noble path actions can be attempted without fear of failure, but there will be circumstances in which those abilities are unavailable to you. Rogue path actions, on the other hand, can be attempted at any time, but carry with them weightier consequences should you fail.


If you're playing as Therion, and you fail to steal an item off of an NPC, your reputation in that town will suffer, causing residents to become suspicious of your presence. A bad reputation can always be offset by bribing the local bartender to say nice things about you, but someone who only attempts the noble path actions won't have to worry about a potentially-soiled reputation.

The video also briefly touches upon side stories, which will add variety to every hero's main story campaign. Side stories will challenge you to make creative use of all of the path actions available to you and your party, and players will find that most of them typically have more than one method of resolution. Once again, the choice to rely on noble or rogue path actions will be yours, or, you can always just smash and fight your way through ever problem like a brute.

Octopath Traveler will launch on Nintendo Switch on July 13, just a week before you author's birthday (in case you were wondering what to buy me). Stay tuned!