One Player Lost The World's Highest Xbox Gamerscore…But For A Good Reason

There are plenty of players out there that have incredibly high Gamerscores on their Xbox [...]


There are plenty of players out there that have incredibly high Gamerscores on their Xbox accounts, mainly because they've been cleaning up on Achievements across Xbox One and Xbox 360. But the thing is, even if you reach the top, that doesn't always mean you stay there.

That's the case with Raymond "Stallion83" Cox, who had the highest Gamerscore in the world, with 1,585,894. He's had the record for some time, but it just got wiped away by Stephen "smrnov" Rowe, who now has a Gamerscore of 1,592,280.

A lot of players have been wondering if Cox is upset over the whole ordeal…but, honestly, there's actually a good reason that he hasn't been defending his Gamerscore.

See, Cox recently got married, and actually took some time off to go on his honeymoon with his new bride. So when Xbox Achievements asked on Twitter what will come next, Ray was quick to respond: "I've been too busy having all the sex," complete with a GIF featuring Chris Farley stripping off his shirt from the Adam Sandler classic Billy Madison. So, yeah, it appears that he's in good hands.

Cox is still fighting hard to keep competitive in the Gamerscore game, though, as he still intends to pass two million Gamerscore at one point or another.

Meanwhile, Rowe wrote a blog post on his achievement, which you can find here. He noted, "First off, thanks to everyone who sent messages of congrats, I appreciate it. I think it surprised most of you and myself really as it was never my goal to overtake Stallion83."

He doesn't intend to apply for the Guinness World Record for the score, which Cox currently has, and also made note that he pays for all of his games, both through purchases and through freebie offerings via EA Access and Xbox Live.

Cox previously won a lifetime membership to Xbox Live Gold when he got over one million Gamerscore on his account. No word yet if Rowe will be getting the same, but he certainly deserves it.

Meanwhile, expect Cox to get back in the hunt when he's done with his honeymoon.