Overwatch Adding Brigitte Next Week, New Video Highlights Her Design

Ever since her official introduction last month, fans have been intrigued by Brigitte, the latest [...]


Ever since her official introduction last month, fans have been intrigued by Brigitte, the latest hero to be introduced to the Overwatch ranks. She's young, confident and ready to kick some butt with her engineer/adventuring skills.

No need to fret, though, as she'll be joining the party very soon. Blizzard confirmed on the official Overwatch Twitter account today that Brigitte will be available in the game starting March 20, and that's for all versions across the board – Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

On top of that, alongside the announcement, the publisher also posted a new video, featuring work by lead character artist Ben Zhang, and how he managed to bring the latest support character to life. You can watch it below.

Zhang goes into a lot of detail about the character, starting with her earlier establishment in the series, and making her a Hero that truly means something to players. They're sure to welcome her with open arms in just a few days.

Here's the official character description, straight from Blizzard:


No longer sitting on the sidelines, Brigitte Lindholm has taken up arms to defend those in need of protection.

The youngest daughter of weapons designer, Torbjörn Lindholm, Brigitte was the first of his children to show an interest in mechanical engineering. Brigitte spent much of her spare time in her father's workshop, learning the trade and honing her skills. Her aptitude for engineering mirrored that of her father's, but Brigitte's primary interest was in armor fabrication and defensive systems, unlike Torbjörn, who was world renowned (and perhaps infamous) for the weapons he created.

Everyone expected that Brigitte would continue her apprenticeship and follow in her father's footsteps. But her plans changed due to influence of another prominent figure in her life, her father's close friend and fellow Overwatch agent, Reinhardt Wilhelm. A close friend of the family and Brigitte's godfather, Reinhardt told Brigitte tales of heroes and chivalry as she grew up. After his retirement and Overwatch's fall, Reinhardt declared that he would become a knight-errant on a quest to bring justice. Before he left on his adventures, Brigitte surprised him by asking to join him as his squire. Reinhardt accepted.

As a squire, Brigitte had many responsibilities, the most important of which was the upkeep of Reinhardt's Crusader armor (a design she was familiar with as the current version was designed by her father). But more and more, she found her main job was taking care of Reinhardt himself, trying to protect him from his overenthusiasm even as his body was breaking down from years of combat.

Eventually, she realized that serving only as a mechanic wasn't enough, and that the best way she could aid Reinhardt was to become a warrior in her own right. While Reinhardt trained her in combat, Brigitte began to build her own suit of armor in secret.

Now Brigitte fights at Reinhardt's side to protect him, and any others in need as knight and squire journey to make the world a better place, one battle at a time.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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