Overwatch Reveals Echo as Hero 32

The next Overwatch hero has officially been revealed to be Echo, a robot who will be the game’s [...]

The next Overwatch hero has officially been revealed to be Echo, a robot who will be the game's 32nd playable hero to join the roster. Blizzard Entertainment announced its newest hero after multiple teasers shared through the game's social media accounts, a similar reveal strategy to how past heroes were announced. A video shared to announce the new hero showed a look at the design Echo will boast when the character is added to the game, and we also got a look at Echo's origin story for those who haven't been keeping up with the character's backstory.

Echo is the "cutting edge of technology" according to what's been shared about the hero so far, and judging from her appearance, it certainly seems that's true. Blizzard previewed the character by showing off what she'll look like in-game with the character having a sleek, futuristic design.

Like other hero announcements, we don't yet know what this character can do yet. Those details will come later ahead of Echo's arrival on the PTR for players to test out the new hero before she goes live for everyone else to play. Abilities, how the character is categorized in terms of offense, support, or somewhere in between, and how Echo synergizes with different team comps should all be revealed soon enough.

Those who were aware of Echo's existence before this debut trailer will recall that the character has actually been around in Overwatch lore for a while and is an important part of the game's story. She's an Omnic, but she's also a member of Overwatch, and she was one of the earlier designs for a hero that Blizzard said they'd be open to turning into a playable character. The implications of her arrival on the game's story haven't fully been revealed yet beyond what's been seen in the origin story trailer.

There's no known release date for Echo yet, but the trailer said the character is "coming soon," so expect to hear more on the latest hero before long.