Arrest Made in Connection With Murder of Overwatch Voice Actress Christiane Louise

An arrest has been made in a recent case that involved the murder of voice actress Christiane [...]

An arrest has been made in a recent case that involved the murder of voice actress Christiane Louise, who was perhaps most well-known for portraying Mercy in the video game Overwatch. Louise's death was learned about within the past few days although the person responsible at the time wasn't yet known. Now, it seems as though we have learned of the man who allegedly took Louise's life.

According to a new report that has come about, Pedro Paulo Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa has been arrested in connection with the murder of Louise. Vasconcellos da Costa is said to have admitted to killing Louise, although he claims that his act was in self-defense.The crime itself was said to have also been assisted by Vasconcellos da Costa's mother, Eliane Gonçalves Vasconcellos da Costa. At this time, the police are searching for her, but haven't found her location.

Louise's murder took place earlier this month on August 6, but it wasn't revealed to the public until August 14. Reports indicate that Louise was killed by a goblet and sustained cuts on her leg and throat. Vasconcellos da Costa and his mother are said to have kept the body in their home for a couple of days before attempting to hide it together. When Louise was found, she was said to have been dead for multiple days.

While those in English-speaking territories might not be too familiar with Louise's work, she was one of the most notable video game voice actors in Brazil. In addition to playing Mercy in Overwatch, she also portrayed Cortana in the Halo series and Sivir in League of Legends. Since this news has been made public, fans, friends, and co-workers of Louise's have been sharing their thoughts on the late actress, with many praising her work over the years.

Louise was 49 years old at the time of her death. Our best goes out to all that have been affected by this tragedy.