Oxenfree TV Series in the Works

An Oxenfree television series is once again in the works, it has been revealed. You might recall [...]

An Oxenfree television series is once again in the works, it has been revealed. You might recall that, years back, Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment had announced a partnership with Oxenfree developer Night School Studios to transform the video game into a larger franchise brand with the likes of a possible film adaptation and more. While nothing of significance ever came from the announcement, it would appear that Night School Studios is moving forward with a series adaptation -- though not with Skybound.

"At the time, we were such a small studio — we were four or five people when most of the Skybound stuff was being worked through," Night School Studio co-founder Adam Hines told Digital Trends in a recent interview when asked about the Skybound deal. "We could just feel that kind of push and pull within the studio of diverting our focus away from what we should be really focusing on, which is making the next great game. So I think that just also made it hard to really push things up and over the hill at that time."

"All of that said, the very good news is it actually now is packaged up with another group and it is very likely going to move forward, but as a series," Night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel added. "Not a lot to announce yet, but in the middle of last year we started working on that. It's an adaptation of the game, but that would be a whole new set of variables at play. So we're excited."

Whatever that might end up looking like, it sounds like we should hear more about the Oxenfree series adaptation sooner rather than later. Oxenfree itself is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the popular indie video game right here.

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