Paladins and SMITE Getting the 4K Treatment on Xbox One X

(Photo: Hi-Rez Studios)

Hi-Rez Studios was pleased to confirm today that Paladins and SMITE will both be playable on the Xbox One X on launch day and, what's more, both games will run in native 4K at 60 FPS. This will be a very welcome addition to Microsoft's growing arsenal of native 4K games, in addition to Forza, which will compose the bulk of its promotional appeal come launch time. If you're boasting the world's most powerful console, then consumers are going to want to see more games running natively at 4K without the use of checkerboarding.

Of course, the PS4 Pro has its fair share of games that run at native 4K, but the majority of games utilize checkerboarding or dynamic resolution scaling to offer a consistent performance. Indeed, Paladins is playable on the PS4 Pro at 4K, but Digital Foundry has reported that dynamic resolution scaling is employed in order to maintain a stable frame-rate. This will cause the resolution to dip in spots, but it's hardly noticeable. With a big boost in raw processing power on the Xbox One X, we'd expect native 4K through and through.

This is a trend that we hope to see continue. Just as the Switch is benefiting from seeing older games migrate to the platform to be played in new ways, we're hoping that more games will show up for the Xbox One X with improved resolution and / or performance.

As for Paladins and SMITE, these are two games that you'll be able to check out on day-one, even if your budget is completely wiped out by the Xbox One X's $500 price tag. Both games are completely free to play. You'll have the opportunity to spend money on in-game purchases, of course, but you don't have to. Right out of the box, you're guaranteed two fantastic multiplayer games that run at 4K.