The Panzer Dragoon Remake is Getting a Physical Release

The Sega Saturn is considered one of the video game industry's biggest flops. In an attempt to beat the Sony PlayStation to market, Sega surprise released the Saturn months ahead of schedule. While major chains had the system in stock as soon as the announcement was made, several retail chains were left in the dark, leading to irritation with Sega. Combined with the system's high price point, Saturn quickly flopped. Despite this, one of the system's launch games went on to great acclaim from critics and fans alike: Panzer Dragoon. Players that never had the opportunity to experience the title on Saturn, however, will be happy to know that a remake of the game is currently available, and it will even see a physical release from Limited Run Games!

Limited Run Games is offering two versions of the game: a standard edition, and a collector's edition. True to the game's Sega Saturn roots, the special edition comes with a long box jewel case, meant to evoke the original Sega Saturn cases. This version also includes an instruction manual and a production booklet. Unlike some of LRG's other releases, both versions of the game will be available in unlimited quantities, and the pre-order window will be open for four weeks.

For the uninitiated, Panzer Dragoon is a rail shooter, in which players ride on a dragon, taking on waves of enemies and giant boss battles. Despite the Sega Saturn's struggles, the original game was well-regarded, kicking off a long-standing franchise for Sega. The original version of the game was made in-house, while the Panzer Dragoon remake was developed by Forever Entertainment.


The remake of Panzer Dragoon is currently available on Nintendo Switch for $24.99. Pre-orders for the game's physical release will be available Friday, March 27th. The standard edition will retail for $39.99, and the collector's edition will retail for $59.99.

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