New Paper Mario: The Origami King Commercial Revealed

Nintendo released a new Paper Mario: The Origami King commercial on Tuesday just 10 days before the game’s release date to show off more of the game’s new combat system and an overview of the story so far. The video reuses many of the clips we’ve seen already from the new Paper Mario game, so those who’ve been paying attention to every part of the game’s development so far may not find anything new here, but it gives a succinct summary of what the game looks like. More Paper Mario previews have been shared periodically on social media as well, so even if there’s nothing new for you here, you can bet you’ll see something new on the game in the next week or so.

The latest preview of the game clocks in at exactly 30 seconds and is coupled with the narration telling the story of Mario’s encounter with his new partner, Olivia, and the nefarious King Olly. Along with those new characters, we see some of the other partners Mario will team up with like Bob-Ombs and Toads.

If you’re one of the people who’s been following along with the game’s previews and want to know more about The Origami King and its features, the Super Mario_UK account is probably the one you want to follow for updates. It’s been converted into a Paper Mario fan account in the buildup to the game’s release and has been sharing updates consistently on different parts of the game. The one below, for example, showed a more detailed look at the game’s new combat system that has players lining enemies up first before fighting.

We’ve seen previews like this one before, but we also at least now know that you can pet the Chain Chomp in The Origami King.


Paper Mario: The Origami King is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on July 17th.

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