Pathfinder 2E Announces Dark Archive Sourcebook, Adds Two New Classes

Paizo has announced the next expansion for Pathfinder Second Edition - Dark Archive. Yesterday, during Paizo's Keynote speech for Gen Con 2021, publisher Erik Mona announced plans to publish Dark Archive, a sourcebook on the paranormal that covers some of the more enduring mysteries of Golarion. The book will cover cryptids, secret societies, cults, and temporal anomalies. Notably, the book is framed around eight dossiers stolen from the Pathfinder Society that contain various bits of lore. Each of those dossiers will include a new mini-adventure for players to try out that references one or more of the mysteries contained in that book. 

Dark Archive will also include two new classes - the Thaumaturge and the Psychic. The Thaumaturge is an updated version of the Occultist and isn't considered a spellcasting class. Instead, the Thaumaturge uses implements of power for their abilities, and the concept art for that class (seen below) shows the thaumaturge wearing a plethora of trinkets, relics, and magic items. 

(Photo: Paizo)

The other new class is the Psychic, a full spellcaster class with psionic abilities. The Psychic has plenty of special powers and is the first class in Pathfinder 2E to use psionic abilities. 

(Photo: Paizo)

Both the Thaumaturge and the Psychic will be released early to Pathfinder players as part of a playtest that will launch this coming Monday. The Dark Archive book is planned for release at Gen Con 2022 next summer. 


Pathfinder recently released its Secret of Magic sourcebook, which added the Summoner and Magus classes to the game, as well as an expanded slate of magic items and magic spells. Paizo will also release Guns & Gears, another rulebook with two classes and expanded rules for using firearms and constructs, later this year. Other books on the release schedule include a Book of the Dead that contains a bestiary of undead creatures and expanded undead-related player options, and a lore book detailing the Knights of Lastwall, a knightly order scattered to the winds with the fall of their country. Paizo also releases monthly Adventure Path releases that combine to form a full adventure.