Piccolo’s Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Looks Pretty Insane

We’ve seen bits and pieces of combatants that will be introduced to Dragon Ball FighterZ, and [...]

We've seen bits and pieces of combatants that will be introduced to Dragon Ball FighterZ, and yet another favorite has joined the ranks, as a new trailer for Piccolo just debuted for the game.

It's a bit on the brief side, running just under 30 seconds, but in that glimpse of a time frame, we can see just what Piccolo is made of, as he has a great reliance of not only speed, but also projectiles. He can launch into a super fireball-style attack that can send an opponent flying across the ring, and it also appears he can set up mini-projectiles surrounding his foe, so that they hit him or her in succession, adding in to an already devastating combo.

As we mentioned, it's all about speed as well, and like his anime counterpart, Piccolo looks to be lightning quick, and should be able to use that to his advantage not only defensively, but also offensively when it comes to hitting his opponent with successful hits. Again, we haven't seen him completely in action just yet, but this provides a good glimpse of what he's capable of – and we wouldn't be surprised if he became a fan favorite in the game.

Piccolo is the latest addition to the series, alongside other favorites like the Androids (16, 17 and 18), as well as Trunks, Frieza, Goku and a handful of others. And we likely aren't done yet. With the Tokyo Game Show around the corner, there's a very good chance that Bandai Namco could be introducing even more combatants into the game, expanding its roster and giving us a Dragon Ball Z fighting game that we can truly be proud of.

Hopefully we'll get an extended Piccolo trailer as well, because we'd love to see more of him in action, and how well his speed and projectiles will work with his combat style. He's already got a great deal of promise, and we'd love to see where it goes from here. C'mon, Bandai Namco.

We'll see what Dragon Ball FighterZ is made of when the game arrives in February 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A closed beta will be taking place before then, so watch for those invites!