Philadelphia Cream Cheese Parodies PS5 Release With New Cheesecake Kit

After a lot of fanfare and anticipation, the Playstation 5 finally hit shelves this past week, [...]

After a lot of fanfare and anticipation, the Playstation 5 finally hit shelves this past week, bringing the latest next-gen gaming console to the masses. Based off of initial impressions, the PS5 has taken the "console wars" into a whole new direction -- something that Philadelphia Cream Cheese is looking to get in on. On Tuesday, the company unveiled their must-have holiday gift for tech fans -- a cheesecake kit based on the PS5's design. Nicknamed the Philly Series 5, the kit not only provides fans with the world's most delicious holiday gift, but with a stunning advancement in cheesecake technology.

The Philly Series 5 comes with a specially designed pan with sleek, futuristic contours modeled after the PS5. It also contains all of the key ingredients users need to bake a cheesecake, including five cream cheese bricks of power, ultra HD white chocolate, and the latest 3D cookie crumb technology.

"Nothing in the world moves faster than the technology curve, and we always strive to be at the forefront – both in our product and in the ways consumers experience the simple pleasure of Philadelphia," Basak Oguz, Director of Marketing at Philadelphia Cream Cheese, said in a statement. "The Philly Series 5 is our way of moving at the speed of innovation, and bringing consumers the most delicious gift of the holiday season."

Presales for the Philly Series 5 became available on Tuesday morning, and although the first wave has sold out, more will seemingly be available at a later date. With a price of only $4.99, it's definitely a much cheaper way to capture the unique aesthetic of the PS5 -- and definitely a much more delicious one.

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