PlayStation 5 Controller DualSense Edge Gets a Release Date, New Trailer

PlayStation's fancy new PS5 controller, the DualSense Edge, now has a release date. The premium peripheral meant to give users a range of customization options and extra inputs to configure will launch on January 26th, Sony announced this week. This announcement coincided with a new trailer showing off some of those features, and Sony said that if you're planning on getting one, you can start preordering them on October 25th for $199.99.

Revealed back in August, the DualSense Edge is PlayStation's version of the Xbox Elite controllers it's been putting out for a while now as well as the other third-party options that offer a bit more than your standard controller. It's got two back buttons that can be configured to different inputs with two different sets of swappable back buttons in the package and various thumbstick options which can similarly be swapped out. Many controllers, however, will offer four back buttons instead of just the two that the Edge has, so take that into consideration if you see yourself needing more than that.

It also has a unique interface that allows users to adjust profiles, volume, and other settings with just a few button presses. That particular feature is one that's unique and can't be found as easily elsewhere, but the other features like remappable buttons and back button inputs are ones users should expect to see in premium controllers like this by now.

Buying a DualSense Edge also means getting a case for it, too, which isn't a bad deal considering you'd usually have to buy that separately from many other places. You can charge the controller while it's in the case via the USB cable included (or whatever other one you have lying around), and you can see everything included in a DualSense Edge purchase below as well as in the trailer above:

DualSense Edge Contents

  • DualSense Edge wireless controller
  • USB braided cable
  • 2 Standard caps
  • 2 High dome caps
  • 2 Low dome caps
  • 2 Half dome back buttons
  • 2 Lever back buttons
  • Connector housing
  • Carrying case

While $199.99 isn't cheap by any means, it's not atypical for controllers to be priced at or around this when they do all that the DualSense Edge does. It'll be available for pre-order on October 25th, though hopefully supply will hold so that it doesn't sell out right away for those who are still on the fence.