PlayStation Classic Unboxing Video Shows You What’s Inside

The PlayStation Classic all-in-one system is set to arrive at retail next week, bringing 20 [...]

The PlayStation Classic all-in-one system is set to arrive at retail next week, bringing 20 old-school favorites with it for $99. And while some folks have mixed feelings on it, there's no question that the system has reached maximum hype levels, and is likely to be one of this holiday's biggest sellers.

With that, Sony has released a new unboxing video showcasing just what all you get when you take the system out of the box. There are some interesting caveats to this, but those picking up the little all-in-one device should be pleased with the results.

The video, which can be found on PlayStation's YouTube page, shows various pieces of footage from the games included with the system, such as Ridge Racer Type 4, Twisted Metal and Tekken 3.

The unboxing is hosted by Sony's own Sid Shuman, who breaks down what the system is before getting one to unbox. He actually has an original PlayStation system to compare with it, and as you can see, the new Classic model is 45 percent smaller, making it a convenient fit into your current game collection.

Once you open the box (which is designed like the original PlayStation retail box, mind you), you'll see the system, which looks very similar to the original console. There are some different things, like not being able to pop its lid open, but other than that, it looks about the same.

Two DualShock controllers are also included, so you can challenge friends in local multiplayer games of Tekken 3, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo and Twisted Metal, amongst other games. (You can get the full breakdown of what games are playable in local multiplayer here.)

There's also a USB cable included, along with an HDMI cable. But, no traditional power cable, as you may have realized. You can buy one separately from the system, as it'll be available on the same day as the Classic. Or you can buy an adapter which works with the USB cable, if you prefer to go that route.

Thus far, the feedback on the PlayStation Classic video looks to be pretty solid, with over 6,600 likes. However, there are also plenty of dislikes, with over 1,300 thus far. No idea yet if that'll shift around as the day goes on, but it'll be interesting to see how the video performs.

You can watch the whole unveiling above and then decide for yourself if PlayStation Classic is worth adding to your collection. It'll release on December 3rd for $99.99.